Fall Semester 2020 Upcoming Activities

CSCC has begun weekly Sunday night On-Campus Worship for fall semester, 7:00 p.m. in Russell House room 315 (please note the room change from previous semesters). The format for Sundays this semester is a less formal GodChat discussion, prayer, and communion is offered as well. All Carolina students welcome. Just show up!

Monday nights at 8:00, we are hosting a GodChat Bible study in the 650 Lincoln area of campus. If you want to attend, please contact us in advance as we have to plan ahead for the space we need due to Covid. Please contact Gamecock4Jesus@gmail.com by Monday at noon.

Other Activities
CSCC Fall Homless Project is Saturday, September 26th.

Lunches for Seniors: CSCC students deliver lunches to elderly folks on some Saturdays, and often go out to eat together afterwards.

Please write to us to let us know you have an interest in the ministry and other activities – Gamecock4Jesus@gmail.com .


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